Say Goodbye to Daily Standup Meetings,
Say Hi to Better Team Management

undiffer lets all teams - Product, Design, Marketing, Engineering, HR, IT, DevOps - track progress without disrupting busy schedules and workflows.

The best part? It doesn't matter whether you're a giant corp or feisty startup, undiffer helps businesses of all sizes crack the team management code.

Manage Remote Teams efficiently

Always keep a pulse on your remote team. Stay up to date with their work and help them wherever required.

Spend Less Time in Update Meetings

Get rid of an unproductive status update meetings. Increase your team's productivity at work.

Create Accountability in Team

Make your team accountable by getting them in the habit of creating Daily goals. Team accountability will improve work efficiency.

Start Everyday on a Productive High

Daily Goals

Boost Accountability

Weekly plans are fine and dandy, but day-to-day tasks actually get the ball rolling. Daily goals drive teams to think more carefully about their workday and prioritize tasks that matter.

Manage Less, Do More

Tired of constant follow ups and pointless standups? We get it.  That's why undiffer lets you track what's on everyone's plate in one quick glance.

Keep Teams in Sync

Consistent collaboration is the secret sauce for team success. Use undiffer to align your daily goals with the rest of your team, and accomplish more together.


Clear Paths to Success

Uncover roadblocks in your team’s way with Blockers. Smooth out hand offs of work between teams - engineering and design, sales and marketing, HR, and finance.

Help Teams Avoid Burnout

See too many blockers assigned to one person or team? Reduce their workload by reassigning some of their tasks to others. Be the manager teams love.


Track Progress Over Time

Is your team's productivity moving up and to the right? Which teams are killing it with daily goals? Any projects with more blockers than successes? Get the scoop on all this and more with Insights

Make Data Your Friend

undiffer's easy-to-read team reports help you make sense of work patterns and improve your team's productivity with every passing week.

Built for Distributed Teams

Teamwork is chaotic, and remote work is even more.
 undiffer’s asynchronous daily check-ins and goals give remote and distributed teams a window into each other’s workday.
See your team’s availability, check if someone needs help, and stay connected, from anywhere in the world.

Three Simple Steps to 10X Your Team’s Productivity  

Invite your team to undiffer. Create groups for your projects and departments


Set a timezone for each team member, work times, and leave schedules


Start sharing daily goals and blockers with your team


More than a Daily Standup Tool


Simple people management

Manage leaves, holidays, and set location-based work policies, all in one platform. Sounds like an HR dream? We thought so! (coming soon!)


Team updates at a glance

Want a quick overview of how your team is performing in a day or week? Head to Teams, and see tasks completed, blockers resolved, and members who've checked in.


Zero distracting notifications

Let team members only tune in to relevant updates.
Turn off unimportant notifications, focus on work that matters, and be super duper efficient with your time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Daily Goals?

Daily Goals are the important tasks that you want to accomplish that day. All team members create their daily goals which are visible to relevant people so you don’t have to connect for status updates.

Is undiffer a replacement for daily standup?

Daily standups are important to know who is working on what. For remote teams, remote standups are required to fit everyone’s schedule. Use undiffer for virtual status meetings.

How can this help me save time?

With undiffer, you can reduce unproductive meetings. Teams know who will be working on what and who will need help during the day so they can adjust schedules and reduce unnecessary chat.

How much does this cost?

We are going to release beta version next month. We would request you to join the waitlist to get early access by giving your email. We will keep you informed about the cost.

What makes undiffer different from other tools?

We are building this platform to unblock team’s work and align them(that’s why the name - undiffer) to focus on being the most productive and always have the right information.

Does undiffer integrate with slack or any task management software?

It compliments and integrates with slack and other task management systems like Trello to increase productivity. We are working on important integrations and it will be available soon!

Why undiffer

Project management tools show you the zoomed out picture for big grand projects.

But what about when you want to peek into how far along a project has moved today?
On top of that, managers have no way of seeing what’s holding teams back from shipping projects. Usually, these bottlenecks or “blockers” are interdepartmental. Marketing needs images, design teams need copy, developers need UI specifications.

Team communication tools are sort of helpful, but noisy.

Even Slack bots for stand ups, are nothing but standalone tools for updates.
There's no way to track progress over a period of time.  

undiffer bridges the gap between project management and communication tools.

It helps teams track both daily progress and hurdles, in a ridiculously simple way.
The way we see it, undiffer will ultimately be a complete platform empowering teams to do their best work, together.

Want to join us as we make team management less of a nightmare for both managers and teams?

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