We're Logicwind, a motley bunch of coders, developers, and true-blue nerds geeking out in sunny Gujarat, the home of mouth-watering Indian delicacies. 

Our burning ambition is to solve big problems for businesses all over the world. Our tech-focused products help us achieve this mission.   

Here’s a quick peek into our history, in numbers: 

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In all of our years of remote and in-office collaboration, we realised one thing: team management is broken.

We tried many tools and platforms, but we couldn’t find a simple solution to manage teamwork in a scalable way. 

Task management tools provided details, but not the big picture. Communication tools added more noise and chaos. Daily standup tools quickly became a burden. 

We needed a single tool to help us track day-to-day work across the entire organization and help communication flow smoothly. 

With this goal, we started building undiffer. 

undiffer gives control back to teams and managers, by keeping projects from going off the rails. 

It's built for managers who want to manage without micromanaging. 

It's built for teams who want a window into each other's workday, without interrupting workflows. 

It's built for organizations who wish to manage  leaves, holidays, and attendance in one unified platform. 

We're hard at work making undiffer a complete team management solution. 

This means integrations with your favourite work apps including:

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