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February 19, 2021

Download Weekly Status Report Template

Tired of messy reports that are going way out of hand?

Don’t worry as we have wonderful news to bring a smile on your face.

Weekly status updates template-A single solution to many problems.

Let's take a look at the problems that get resolved with the weekly status update template?

  • Your weekly status update is actually “up to date”
  • Your reports get organized
  • The follow ups get automated
  • Hassle free, week to week report
  • You don’t miss out on the team’s progress
  • The weekly status report update wouldn't be tedious anymore.

Weekly status report adds to your work productivity & progress, depending on your work you can use Weekly status reports for varied analysis. 

Resolve your dilemma by creating hassle-free weekly status reports in no time.

Find the below-mentioned point relatable? Here's a detailed analysis of the same! Have a look..

  • Tedious:Work is important, so is compiling them and forming weekly status reports.
  • Time Consuming:Handling a team takes effort, so does follow ups and progress of the team.
  • Repetitive:The challenge that every other team leader faces is not producing the report, instead of creating a weekly status report that needs to happen week after week,  unlike birthdays that come only once a year.
  • Chances of Inaccuracy:This weekly status report is recurring as well as tedious. and the chances of you missing out sometimes on very important points into a weekly status report whilst compilation is also a possibility

Weekly status report update is more like a tracker with an Artificial Intelligence

So what we need to resolve this kind of issue would be a standard and unique template, that would work as a tailor made suit, just for you.

Enter: Weekly Status Report Template (making life easier at work)

This weekly status report template is going to do wonders for your work. Instead of storming your brain about how things at work are progressing week after week.

The weekly project status report template assists you more like your own personal secretary, who handles all the follow ups. Granting you ample time to spend on more productive work and saving your precious time along with it.

Try it for free 

Explore weekly status report template

Stop worrying about these unwanted follow-ups by asking your team for a weekly status report instead leave all your worries to the weekly status report template.

Download this unique tool to make your life a lot easier at work amongst your colleagues/team at your workplace.

Listed below are the few basic information that you need to know about the Weekly Status Report Template:


  • What is a weekly status report?
  • How to write effective weekly status reports?
  • Weekly status update Report Writing (Best Practices)
  • How to automate your weekly status report template
  • The weekly status report template

What is a weekly status report?

The weekly status report is a brief yet quite important report created each week to understand every individual or team's updates of their progress/status with the given project.

The weekly status report template helps the team leader or superior understand each member's growth individually and collectively. They can track performance in future also. 

How do we go about writing an Effective Weekly Status Report?

To ensure that your weekly status report is effective, you would require to ask a few open-ended and closed-ended questions, because in this way, the follow up of the team's work along with the progress will remain clear.

  • Open ended question: Questions that request detailed or elaborate replies are known as open ended questions
  • Close ended question: If the answer can be completed with a yes or no, then they are called close ended questions.

The idea behind adding these to the employee weekly status report is to get a crystal clear picture of who stands where, at the work rather than beating around the bush or even holding useless meetings to understand the same.

With this collected information, you will be able to update and even clarify the team about the pace at which the work flow is going, and if any corrections or other changes need to be done on the work.

Moreover, this will help the team in understanding the pace of the whole team's workflow and if anyone needs to keep up with their work, they can also do with the same

What are the habits to incorporate whilst writing a weekly status report update a.k.a Report Writing (Best Practices)

The weekly status report template written or created needn't be helpful until and unless the report turns out to be helpful in the required way.

So to get that to happen, there are a few, “Best Practises” that need to be followed-

  • Recurring: Make sure this practice is scheduled week after week
  • Follow up: Never miss out on any week
  • Never miss anyone out: Keep everyone(team members) in the loop, this way the team will be able to understand so as  to where they stand in terms of their work.
  • KISS(Keep it short & simple): Keep the weekly status report short, up-to the point and simple.
  • Include Questionnaire: Add a set of close ended questions to get an easy answer from the team mates. And also a  set of open ended questions to get a detailed report from person to person
  • Reminders: Add reminders & again gentle reminders, for any types of follow ups needed from the team
  • Cheer Em up: Add a space for weekly achievements by the team

Learn More:

How to automate your weekly status report template?

The weekly status report is not a one-time process, rather it is a phenomenon that happens week after week. When the workload is more, employees may forget about the tracker. In such a situation, automation is better. 

Once the weekly status report is automated, the system will generate the weekly status report and send it to the concerned person on the mentioned date and time. And you will be free from the hassle of the same, saving you precious time to handle more important chores.

Once the system generates a report from the response received, you will have ample time to work around the report, assisting and handling the team and their work in appropriate ways

The weekly status report template

We all know that the requirement  or the style  for a template differs from person to person. So having a common template ain't gonna work for everyone, So:

Now comes the big question, what should a weekly status report template contain or look like?

The weekly status report need not be anything complex, it can be easy to understand and more like a questionnaire or even a form.

Think of it like this, a weekly status report template is more of a tracker that lets you follow up your team's work as well as understand the workflow in a simple yet smart way. 

That actually highlights the teams’ :

  • Progress and updates
  • Blockers if any
  • Work handling skills
  • Speed and ideas

And once you get a clear picture of these issues faced, the team will be able to evolve and progress at a much faster rate than it used to earlier.

Once all of this is achieved on a platter, sorting priorities along with resolving or handling an issue or challenge that the team is facing will become simple and easy.

The whole idea about the weekly status update template is to give us apt information on the problems/challenges that a team member or the team is facing as a whole, so that you may assist them by resolving the same.

Just make sure that you add the simplest yet basic points to your template like:

  • For record keeping the date is very essential
  • A header to understand “who is who”
  • Blockers if any
  • end of the week achievement
  • Action plan for the upcoming week
  • Completed reports or Tasks
  • End Results achieved
  • Challenges faced or Action needed if any and so on.

The employee weekly progress report template should also help you understand each team member's contribution towards the work, and if they faced any challenges, how it came up or what has to be done to remove the same.

The employee weekly status report template also lets you understand how the work-flow of the team members. Analysis of work done by employees for each week.

The employee weekly status report template by itself will become an inspiration to achieve their goals and reports in the best possible ways.

The weekly status report will strengthen the bond of the team. It shall help the team to be in sync without meeting and will allow everyone to get updates about each member’s work status. 

It will also help in removing the distance and time barriers if any amongst the team by staying in sync.

So wait no more, try our sample weekly status report template and see how it works wonders in your work. (link to the template).


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