T for Transparency (and Teamwork)

Daily Goals

Start every day on a productive note by listing your goals and prioritizing work that matters. Give your team a quick peek into your workload for the day, without time-consuming standups.

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List blockers or bottlenecks for different projects and tasks. Assign blockers to team members, boost collaboration, and help leadership actively remove roadblocks from their team's way.

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Team management for the world's best managers

Company-wide management

Use undiffer to manage work - Backend, Marketing, HR - throughout your organization. Add all your projects and departments, colour code them, and assign members and managers to each.


Get a bite-sized view of your team's day-to-day functioning with Teams. See who's checked in, who's available, everyone's goals, and the blockers to be removed that day. To track individual daily goals and blockers, click on a team member's profile.


Track number of check-ins, tasks, and blockers over a specific month, week, or a custom date range. Identify work patterns, discover pesky bottlenecks, and help your team improve over time.

Built for remote and distributed teams

Location-based settings

Add locations for all your office headquarters and employees, no matter where they are. Select time zones for each, and easily track holidays and work policies for different locations.

Daily checkins

Clock in and out of work, so everyone can see your availability. The perfect way for remote teams to keep track of their teammates' presence.

Daily goal sharing

Share priorities with your team asynchronously with Daily Goals. It takes less than a minute a day. No more standups way too late or way too early to disrupt your work day.


Add comments on blockers and tasks to communicate anything you want. Collaborate right in undiffer, instead of juggling 50 different apps.


Set your working hours based on your local time. Get notifications and alerts only once you've chugged down sufficient cups of coffee, and you're ready to tackle them.

Customizations to make undiffer your own

Company-wide settings

Set your work timings, working days, holidays, leaves, and directives around breaks and leaves.

User access

Assign permission levels, members, and managers for each department and project. Decide who can take actions such as assign blockers, archive daily goals, and leave comments.


Select how you want to receive notifications: email, web, or browser. Choose type of notifications too: comments, daily goals resolved, time estimation changes, and blockers assigned to others. Because less noise = more productivity, right?

Company policies

Track adherence to company policies when team members log in and log out of the app. Manage leaves, holidays, and attendance in undiffer, instead of a complex HR app.

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