Get up to speed in minutes

Tired of constantly pinging your team for updates? With Daily Goals, you no longer have to! Get a clear picture of your team's priorities at the start of the workday. Goodbye micromanagement, because really, who enjoys that?

Track team progress at a glance

See daily tasks completed, blockers, and hours spent on projects assigned for each member of your team. Roll up all tasks and requests for help in one place.

Help team members when they're stuck

Identify bottlenecks in your team's way with Blockers. Simplify hand-offs of work between different teams -- marketing, design, finance, product, engineering, and more. Clear paths to your team's success and support them better.

10X your team's productivity at a glance

Track your team's performance on a weekly and monthly basis with the Insights tab. View blockers resolved, tasks completed, and attendance over a given period. Identify common bottlenecks and help your team improve over time.

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