Manage your company efficiently

undiffer's daily check ins and reports offer a simple way to manage company-wide attendance and leaves. Set up country-wise holiday tracking, so all team members are accounted for. Manage your organization in a seamless way.

Help teams improve over time

The Insights tab helps you track tasks completed and blockers resolved over a week, month, or a custom time period. Identify recurring bottlenecks and work patterns. Increase your team's productivity at a steady clip.

Track company policies in one place

Set up company policies such as working days, timings, duration for breaks, leaves, and holidays. Track adherence to company policies when employees log in and log out of the app for the day.

Keep teams aligned with each other

With Daily Goals, everyone in a team can see what other members have on their plates for the day. Blockers help identify dependencies and support the team when needed. With teams always in sync, more projects reach the finish line, faster.

Get complete control over user access

Customize user settings to allow selected team members and managers to take specific actions. This includes access settings for assigning blockers, archiving daily goals, and deleting comments.

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