Stay connected, wherever you are

Share priorities asynchronously

Teams working across different locations  get a clear picture of each other's workday with undiffer. Check-in your daily and check everyone's priorities in less than 5 minutes a  day. No more wasting time on Zoom calls or stand-ups.

Support teammates

Get notified when a teammate needs your help with Blockers. Work to resolve dependencies and move projects forward together.

Seamlessly collaborate on tasks  

Need more information about a project? Comment directly on blockers and tasks. Collaborate better, without juggling noisy communication tools.

Be a successful remote manager

Stay up-to-date, always

Get updated on tasks completed and day-to-day priorities with Daily Goals. Get a clear picture of your team's work and deliverables, without ever micromanaging.

Clear roadblocks in your team's way

Blockers help you identify why a project is stuck and which team members need help. Boost teams to quickly resolve blockers and take more projects to the finish line.

Increase your team's efficiency

Track your team's growth and performance over time. Review check-ins, tasks completed, and blockers resolved from time to time. Resolve commonly occurring issues and make your team more productive.

Manage your organization with one tool

Track company policies in one place

Set up your company's working days, timings, and rules around leaves and breaks in undiffer. Keep a regular tab on attendance with daily goals and check-ins. Track holidays and festivals for teams spread across time zones.

Get 100% control over user access

Choose the actions each member and manager can take, for each project and department. Set up access restrictions for actions such as archiving daily goals, deleting comments, and assigning blockers.

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