Reflect on your goals

Daily goals help teams think more deliberately about their goals. Align your goals with that of your team and plan each day more efficiently.

Stay in sync, wherever you are

Remote, distributed, global, and more -- undiffer helps all teams stay connected, always. Quickly track everyone's daily goals and blockers. Support your team if they need help, wherever you are.

Do more as a team

Blockers help you see if your work is blocking anyone else's projects. No more "you should've told me so!" situations that stall work. Move projects forward, together.

Keep communication flowing

Most tools are good for small teams, but become complex as your team grows. undiffer is different: it helps you communicate goals and dependencies in a simple way, no matter how large or complex you grow.

Say ciao to time-draining standups

Stop letting daily stand-ups ruin your productivity. Update your daily goals and view everyone's priorities, at your most convenient hour. Get updated in less than five minutes a day.

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